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International Federation of American Football

The first national American football federations outside of the United States were founded in 1896 in Canada, 1936 in Japan and 1976 in Europe. Since then the sport has experienced a significant expansion, especially in Europe, where the European Federation of American Football was founded (1996) followed by the International Federation of American Football (1998).

Currently, 45 associations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania are organized in the IFAF, representing 23 million athletes around the world.

IFAF is cooperating closely with major U.S. American Football organizations including the National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The goals of IFAF are to be part of the international sporting community (admission into the General Association of International Sports Federation, acceptance by the IOC, participation in the World Games as well as the Olympic Games) and membership development.

The 1st IFAF World Championships took place in 1999 in Italy with Japan defeating Mexico, 6-0, in overtime in the championship game. The second World Cup was in 2003 in Frankfurt, Germany. Japan again defeated Mexico in the championship game by a score of 34-14. The third appearance of American football as an international sport was at the World Games 2005 where IFAF played a championship with Japan, capturing the Gold Medal. Football was the most attended sport at the 2005 World Games.

The major event of 2007 is the 3rd IFAF World Championship in Kawasaki, Japan from July 7-15, 2007. 21 countries participated in the qualifying rounds, but only six countries have qualified for the final tournament: Japan, Sweden, France, Germany, Korea and the USA.

In 2007 the IFAF will launch a new membership development program. Its mission will be to strengthen the quality of American football in those federations who are in need of support and to promote the sport in those countries where domestic structures do not yet exist.

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International Federation of American Football