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Candace Kresin

Oatka, North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association
Cheektowaga, NY

Why do you love football?
Honestly I really never knew much about football until my son started playing six years ago. I have learned that football is more than just a sport it is an opportunity to have fun, learn discipline and to work as a team. Football helps young boys and girls to learn how to focus with determination to achieve their goals. They learn it is not always easy but with hard work anything can be accomplished. The kids learn to respect their teammates and coaches and how to work together both on and off the field. The thrill of the sport is something I look forward to even during the off season. Our league is unique and has provided me reasons to grow to love the sport even more with every passing season.But I have to say the reason I love football is because we are a family. The close bond I have formed with the players, coaches, parents, grandparents and siblings is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. What are your responsibilities as a football Team Mom?
The simple answer to this question is if it doesn't envole a whistle I will take care of it. I take care of the logistics, paperwork, keeping parents informed of changes and up coming events, healthy game time snacks and fundraising. I offer my support to the kids and their families even if that means taking kids for sleepovers so they can have a ride to and from a game. I help to keep the peace between upset parents and coaches and do everything I can to take the stress away from my coaches so they can focus on nothing but coaching. What makes you an exceptional football Team Mom?
This is the toughest question for me to answer as my coaches and parents would tell you I am to humble but here's what I came up with. During the football season my family immediately increases to include all the boys and girls on our team, their parents, grandparents and siblings. They all know me and they all know they can come to me with the smallest to the biggest problems and I will do everything I can to help them through it. From the beginning to the end of the season I am parked in the same spot every practice and basically operate my team mom office out of the back of my truck. I believe this is so important for both my veteran parents and my new parents as they know where to go to get help or answers for anything that comes up. I recently had a family emergency that took me away from my team for two weeks. Even though I was over 1600 miles away I still cordinated half time snack and fielded a variety of questions from my parents. To sum it up I am an exceptional team mom because I can encourage a player on the side line not to give up, wipe away the tears, clean up the scrapes, fill the water bottles, help my kids make healthy choices both on and off the field and be a positive influence on the sidelines, all with a smile on my face. When you’re not at the football field, do you hold a full-time position?
Yes when I am off the football field I hold a full time position as a bookkeeper for one of Western New York's largest painting subcontractors. I work a minimum of forty hours a week. When I am not at my daytime job I am working on my team mom stuff and would not have it any other way.
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