The USA Football equipment grant
application is currently closed.

Grants Equipments

The grant application is open in the spring of each year. Please register below to receive an email notice from USA Football once the application is open. We recommend that you gather as much information regarding your grant application ahead of time. Below is the information you will need to provide in the application:

  • Digital copy of 501(c)(3) nonprofit letter (to upload) or letter on school letterhead
  • Financial profile information - Revenues (registration, fundraisers, donations, sponsorship, concessions) - Expenses (uniforms, equipment, referees, coaches, insurance, concessions)
  • Current year budget (to upload)
  • Number of coaches in your organization
  • Player participation by age group
  • Short essays on why your organization deserves a grant

In total, the application should take about 30 minutes to complete.
For questions regarding the grant program or the application process, please contact

Grant Notification

Register to receive an email notice from USA Football when the equipment grant application is open.

2020-2021 USA Football Grant Reminder

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  • Who is eligible for a USA Football grant?

    Eligibility Requirements for all grant applicants:

    • 1) Operate in the United States: Grants are available to football programs or projects located in the United States. Organizations that are based in the United States, but only offer programming abroad, are not eligible for a grant.
    • 2)Tax-exempt: Application must be submitted by an organization with IRS-approved tax-exempt status at the time of application. We recognize the risk that this requirement may exclude organizations that do in fact have a "non-profit" mission but simply have not completed the IRS application process yet. The tax-exempt status requirement is an important screening tool for us to ensure that we are investing our grant funds in organizations that will be good stewards of those grants. The 501(c)(3) or tax-exempt status ensures that the grant recipient has a charitable mission, is not operated for the benefit of private interests and has been vetted by the IRS through its application process. In addition to gaining eligibility for USA Football's grant program, it will provide other benefits, including: opportunities to apply to other grant making bodies (e.g., private foundations), the ability to offer individual and corporate donors a tax deduction for their charitable donations to the organization, potential savings on postage rates and potential savings on state sales and other taxes (depending on specific state law).
      1. Examples of tax-exempt organizations:
      2. a) Any group with 501(c)(3) status, churches, individual schools or school districts, cities or municipalities, etc.
      3. b) Individuals or for-profit organizations are not eligible to apply for a grant.
      4. c) More help on determining your 501(c)(3) status can be found at: »
    • 3) Football organizations: Applicant must offer youth-based football programming or be part of a school-sponsored football program. (Elementary, middle and high schools will be required to submit a letter with a signature from the principal, athletic director and/or coach on school letterhead in order to be eligible).
    • 4) Heads Up Football Organizations: Though our equipment grant program is available to any youth or school-sponsored football organization, programs signed up and engaged in Heads Up Football programs are eligible for larger grant amounts. For more information about Heads Up Football please visit: http://USA »
  • When can an organization apply for an Equipment Grant?

    Applications are available in the spring each year. USA Football will grade and award grants within the four weeks following the close of the application. The application does not need to be completed in one sitting. Applicants may begin completing the online form, save their progress and come back at a later time to finish their applications.

  • How does USA Football select the organizations who will receive a grant?

    Equipment grants are awarded based on need and merit as well as an organization's participation and compliance within Heads Up Football. We ask that applicants provide the below basic information:

    • Name of organization
    • Contact Name
    • Address (No P.O. Boxes will be accepted)
    • Participation numbers
    • Financial information (revenue vs. expenses)
    • Your participation (if applicable) in Heads Up Football
    • Essay explaining why your organization deserves an equipment grant
  • How are Equipment Grants distributed?

    Grants are distributed in the form of product credit with Riddell. Grant are based on need, merit and Heads Up Football compliance. Credits must be applied to new orders and may be used to purchase specific football equipment available within the equipment grant program (helmets, shoulder pads, blocking dummies, etc.). Pricing on equipment grant goods has been negotiated by USA Football to ensure the grantee gets the best value and may be different than Riddell list pricing. Grant credits do not take into account freight or state sales tax, although many organizations will qualify for tax-exempt status. Any grant orders that exceed the grant credit amount (product, freight and taxes) will be the responsibility of the grantee.

  • How many Equipment Grants does USA Football award?

    USA Football awards over $1 million in grants each year. The actual number of grant awards is determined by the number of quality applications we receive.

  • Can an organization ship to a post office box?

    Applicants must use a street address when completing the grant application. Our vendors will not ship to P.O. boxes because of the size of the shipments.

  • How long does the grant application take to complete?

    The application typically takes around 30 minutes to complete. It is recommended to have all participation and financial information on hand while completing the application. You can always save the application and finish it prior to the closing date.

  • Can I apply for both a youth and high school Equipment Grant?

    Yes, as long as you have all of the eligible information provided with both the youth football organization and the school-sponsored program.

  • Who should I contact about my grant application?

    You can call our Help Desk at 877-5-FOOTBALL or email

  • Who can fill out the grant application?

    We prefer the person who can sufficiently answer the questions and provide the correct information 501(c)(3) status, financial information, etc. fill out the grant application.

  • When will the equipment be delivered?

    The delivery of the equipment is based on when you place the order. Expected delivery for grant orders is typically 4 to 6 weeks from the date you placed the order with Riddell.