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Sorry, we could not find any certified coaches by that name. Check to make sure your coach's name is spelled correctly and try searching again. If your search does not produce any results your coach is not certified.

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"Only allow your child to play when you know that USA Football certification is there for the coach and you know that your child is being taught the proper fundamentals of the game and that real intelligence has gone into the preparation of practices." Tom Coughlin, Head Coach, New York Giants


  • Why can't I find my coach?

    • The coach does not have a USA Football Coach Membership. Coaches must be members to take courses and be considered certified.
    • The coach has not completed a Level 1 Tackle or Flag Certification Course. To be considered "certified" by USA Football, coaches must complete either the Level 1 Tackle Course, Level 1 Flag Course or a Level 2 Player Progression Development Model Course in the current calendar year. The Level 1 Recertification Quiz also is available to returning coaches.
  • How should I search the Coaches Registry?

    • Keep the search short and simple. If a coach's name is Joseph Doe, you may want to search "Jo Doe" to search results for both Joe Doe and Joseph Doe since you may not know the exact name the coach registered under. You can always use the state and name, city and organization filters to narrow your search.
    • Instead of searching a name, you have the option to search by coaches' Member IDs if you know that number.
  • How do I get certified?

    • You must first register for a USA Football Coach Membership. After you have registered for the membership, you will have access to the certification courses:
      1. Log in to your USA Football Coach Membership.
      2. On the right side of the page, select the Open Course button corresponding to the course you wish to complete: Tackle or Flag.
      3. Once in the Coaching Course and Certification Center, select the blue Open Course button.
      4. The course will open in a new window. The videos will start playing once they finish loading.